Is archaic technology still needed?


Can you read this analog clock?

Gabriel May, Copy editor/Writer

Technology keeps advancing constantly due to new discoveries and inventions every day.  There is plenty of technology that once was useful in the past but now is obsolete.  An example of this is a typewriter. No one uses typewriters anymore due to the invention of the computer and the printer.  Landline phones used to be the only way people could call someone and talk to people from a far distance.  Now cellphones and smartphones have taken over most of the world and it’s very rare for a person to not own them. 

There is some technology that is in this nation that we should still use, but our society is drifting away from it.  An example of this is the analog clock; kids these days have grown up and have been raised in the advanced technology age.  A lot of families own cellular devices and give their children tablets and phones at a very young age.  On these tablets and phones, the time of day is shown on them digitally and because of how much kids are on digital devices they’re used to looking at the time digitally and have no idea how to read an analog clock. 

This could be a problem. For example, Mrs. Devine stated, “Kids need a Plan B if your digital clock breaks.” Lucie White, a junior, said, “It’s still very important to know how to read an analog clock due to the fact that it’s the only way to tell the time in a testing room.”  This may be a small problem to some, but with the use of digital technology all the time, as a society we could definitely drift away from older ways and technology that is still very useful.