Lost, but still not found


Students leave behind a variety of things, from backpacks to even retainers!

Gabriel May, Copy editor and writer

Do you happen to be missing something? Well, if you are, then there happens to be a wide variety of lost items such as backpacks, lunch boxes, phones and writing utensils at the lost and found in student services.

Who would have thought you could lose a backpack in school? If you are missing an item of yours, go and see Ms. Nolan in student services and you might get lucky. There are currently 4 backpacks in student services that are filled with school work and many other items.

Somehow, there are two mouth guard retainers left behind as well. Ms. Nolan stated, “I do not understand how people can forget and not come back for items such as backpacks [and many more items]”.

On a personal note, I have left my phone in my second period a number of times and can always rely on going to student services to get it back. All that you have to do is go up to the student services desk so you can describe the item you are currently missing, and give them your name. By doing this they will look through all of the lost items they have up in their office and they will give your missing item back to you.