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With the news from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that there are 12 years before the effects on the planet are irreversible, many people are looking into ways to cut down on plastic waste. Plastic straws are a common item that’s found in the waterways, harming the marine life, but they can easily be replaced with much more eco-friendly options. “The most effective way to prevent marine and aquatic debris is to prevent waste in the first place”, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The Environmental Protection agency stated, “We can reduce waste by considering packaging when buying anything, and we can reuse materials like containers and products.”

The writers of this article brought in their own straws to try them out and see what the pros and cons of each were. If looking for a better option to using plastic straws, but aren’t sure what type to get, here are some helpful suggestions:

Paper: If having an event with lots of people who will be needing straws, then paper is a better option. Paper straws are like the others, but if they are in a drink for too long, they would get soggy and unusable.

Metal: These straws are easy to clean, and are just as portable as the other straws, but their only flaw is how hot or cold they can get. Without a silicone barrier on the end of the straw, you could either freeze, or burn your lips depending on your drink.

Glass: The only issue with glass straws is the fact that if glass is dropped, it will break. For whoever wants to own one, be very careful.