Cleaning for Corona


Washing your hands is one easy way to keep the Corona virus away.

Payton Pope, Staff Writer

            With the Corona virus entering Florida, many students are starting to worry that they may catch the virus. This is the newest virus that has evolved from China and is now all over America. The Centers for Disease Control reports that majority of the cases that have caused death from the virus has affected people of ages 45-79.

           They are telling us that if you are not of that age, or do not have a weak immune system, you will not really be affected by the virus. Staying clean and washing your hands regularly is the best way to lower to risk of getting the virus.

           Courtney Sipos, 9th grade, said, “To stay clean I have been using hand sanitizer or washing my hands before I eat. I’m making sure to not share drinks or food with other people. Even though it may be a big virus around the world there is no reason to overreact, just wash your hands and cover your coughs.”

           While some students are not that worried, some think the subject is very important and you should be very careful every day. Kyler St. Cyr, 10th grade, said, “My mom is a nurse and has told me a lot about what is going on and how bad the virus is. My whole family has been really careful and making sure we are washing our hands regularly and using hand sanitizer but also making sure to stay calm.”