Downtown St. Pete cheers for people on the front lines


Residents of downtown St. Petersburg come out on their balconies to cheer for people on the front lines.

Haley Wyble, Staff Writer

Over these last two weeks, people have been going outside their apartments and homes in cities all over the world to cheer for the people on the front line.

Every night at eight o’ clock in downtown St. Pete, residents, as well as sometimes ambulances, police cars and fire trucks take part. While the emergency vehicles might not always show up, people come out to yell and even bang cowbells.

One passerby, who kept a safe distance, said, “We were in our house one night, and all of a sudden we hear yelling and cheering with sirens. You can hear it probably from two blocks away.”

Everyone still follows the social distancing rules and shows their support for people on the front lines. This way, they still are safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Sometimes the vehicles and sirens might not always come down the roads but when they do its like “mini parade” for the residents in St. Pete.