Warriors work through Coronavirus


Before spring break, staff members of The Warrior Record posted updates about the virus in the hallway. Now students are dealing with the virus in their workplaces.

Giselle Samonek, Staff Writer

   Although the world has been in lockdown for nearly three months now, some places are starting to reopen despite the high risks of catching COVID-19.  As most of Florida reopens, students have mixed opinions on the events surrounding the pandemic and how the country and state have handled them.  

     Kailyn, 12th grade, said she was very upset to hear about people protesting the stay-at-home orders all over the country.  In Kailyn’s opinion, they should have received punishment for endangering countless lives.  Kailyn believes Governor Ron Desantis has made the wrong decision in reopening Florida in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Kailyn said, “I think it’s going to make cases spike, and I personally don’t feel safe.”  Since the reopening of many stores and restaurants, Kailyn has been called back into work, which could possibly make her more at risk as well as others.  

     Similarly, to Kailyn, Sam, 12th grade, has been called back into work since Florida’s stay-at-home orders were lifted.  He believes if people follow the rules, there is nothing wrong with the state starting to open again. “I think it’s fine if people take steps to protect themselves and wear masks and gloves.”  He described the precautions he takes to lessen his risk of contracting COVID-19, “I don’t go out much, but if I need to, I wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.”  Sam also explained the kind provisions that the staff at his job make to keep themselves and customers safe. “Where I work, we wear gloves and have plexiglass protecting ourselves and the customers and have a no touch policy when people pay with cash.”