What about yearbooks?


Justine Zitman

These are previous yearbooks from OFHS. The 2018-19 yearbook just received an Honorable Mention in the Balfour national publication, “Yearbook, Yearbook.”

UPDATE:  Students who missed drive-up yearbook pick-up can make an appointment with Mrs. Nolan at [email protected] or wait until fall to pick up their yearbooks.


UPDATE: As of 5/28, Balfour has not delivered the yearbooks to OFHS.  As soon as there is a date for delivery, a post will be published here to let seniors know when and how to pick them up from school.  Students can also check the school website, this website and a call home.


Students who paid for 2019-2020 yearbooks will receive them.  Details on how, when, and where are still being determined.

Meanwhile, seniors who didn’t buy a book yet may be wondering how to get one.

Typically, seniors are allowed to line up outside Mrs. Deatley’s room after the books come in to buy extras.  Seniors won’t be able to do that this year, but they can now buy a book on  balfour.com.  Sales have reopened.