Teachers take on tricky techniques


Both students and teachers are faced with the challenges of school through a screen.

Gabby Davis, Staff Writer

        With Covid-19 playing a huge role in today’s age, there are impacts on everyone’s day-to-day life. Students get the option to go back to school or do their work online, but teachers don’t have that choice. Managing students, both online and in person, is a lot to juggle, but teachers are doing the best they can to work around uncontrollable issues.

        Although AP psychology teacher Mr. Pile loves teaching, he’s found a few flaws in the system. He feels as if hybrid teaching isn’t as efficient as full online or full in-school. He stated, “I do not sense the connection with face-to-face students, nor am I presenting lessons as well to the PCS students.”

       Teaching culinary with kids learning at home is tricky considering it’s a hands-on class, but Chef Fitzpatrick is making the most of it. He loves that he has students at school with him that can cook with him and can be hands-on; however, he said, “Probably the biggest ‘con’ is that half of my students are at home and I’m trying to teach them culinary arts.  It’s all about using your senses when learning about food and cooking techniques. Smell-o-vision and Taste-o-vision would be helpful.”