Don’t miss out on Yearbooks


There’s still time to buy your yearbook. Make sure you get it before March 1st.

Katie Torres, Guest Writer

        This school year, students feel they have been faced with many challenges. Some are eager to see the effect of COVID in this year’s yearbook.

        Yearbook sales will be concluding in a couple of days, and if you would like to buy one, now’s the time. Yearbooks may be purchased through the school’s website. They will be sold up until March 1st for the cost of $75.

        Lauren Wiseman, 9th grade, said, ‘’Yes, I am [buying a yearbook]. I bought them every year and I’ll continue buying them.’’ Another student said, ‘’I will buy one this year. I’m excited to see how COVID has affected the yearbook layout and how it will be different from previous years’’. 

        Grace Sanders, 9th grade, said,  “I won’t be purchasing a yearbook this year because I’m not in it.”