OFHS prepares for middle school shadow days


October 12th- Middle schoolers shadow high schoolers.

Jake Mirsky, Guest Writer

Starting October 12th, students of middle schools across the county will be shadowing Osceola High School to see if they want to attend. Until December 9th, many 8th graders will survey their interests by following one of Osceola’s 9th grade freshmen through a day in the life at Osceola. The future freshmen can spend time in four interests of Osceola’s most well-known departments: technology, culinary, performing arts, and fine arts.

  • The technology interest will allow middle schoolers to see classes like DIT.
  • The culinary path will have the student in one of Osceola’s renowned culinary classrooms.
  • Performing arts will cover courses like Band, Chorus, and Music Theory.
  • The fine arts shadow course will have a middle schooler see what a student of journalism, 2D Art, 3D Art does on a daily basis.

The shadow program allows incoming students to see what they want from high school and see if Osceola meets the needs that they have from the school. This will help them to decide where they want to spend their next four years.

Middle school students know little about the school, which is why the shadow day is held. The freshmen class has a maximum occupancy of about 480 students, so the shadow days are a great opportunity to see if the school is right for them before applying. The wide variety of courses unique to the school gives it great potential for students with a certain niche they want to fulfill.

Students may encounter some of the shadows in their day-to-day classes, especially other freshmen and sophomores. OHS students of all ages can be sure to act respectful of them by greeting them. They may feel nervous, but the Tuesdays and Thursdays when they come in will be memorable experiences that the student body can influence.