Spring break springs into action


Rebecca Wood

From flashy lights and billboards of New York City to hot, sunny beaches in Florida, there are many places to relax, travel, or visit during spring break. Spring break is coming up in just two months for Warrior students and teachers, 47 days and counting. Many people go on vacation during spring break, stay home, or spend time with family and friends. Sofia Torres, 9th grade, said, “I’m excited for spring break! I have plans to go out of the country to Ecuador and spend time with some of my family that lives there”. She also said, “Last spring break, I had so much fun and spent the week in New York City, doing lots of things around the city”. Mrs. Deatley, Journalism teacher, said, “I’m excited to get on the water and do some paddle boarding. Hopefully it will be as beautiful as winter break when I got to go to the Ringling Museum and when I got to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities”. “I’m going to New York with my mom”, said Lucas Tuccelli, 9th grade.  Lily Joseph, 9th grade, said “I don’t have any plans, but I plan on relaxing and sleeping in”. “The most fun spring break I ever had was going to Thailand. We had so much fun, and I got to try so much cool food”, Lily Joseph, 9th grade, also said. Despite plans like vacations or sleeping in, Warriors are also looking forward to a break from school.  Lily Joseph, 9th grade, said, “I’m excited to not practice sports. I have been doing sports non-stop all year”. Even locally, there are many places to go during spring break in the area. There are many beaches and shops to visit, including Clearwater Beach. In the Tampa area, Busch Gardens is a theme park for roller coaster and animal lovers, and Lowry Park Zoo is fun for animal lovers and kids. Especially for kids, Busch Gardens has a whole area for Elmo and friends, including shows and shops to buy Elmo merchandise. If not looking to spend money, there are many parks in the Tampa area as well to look at nature and wildlife, including Lettuce Lake park and Cyprus Point Park or even parks in Pinellas County, including Lake Seminole Park and Seminole Water Front Park.