Spirit Week dress up days


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Kaia Walker, Executive Web Editor

Homecoming is around the corner, and so is the Spirit Week. Here are the different dress up days for those who wish to participate.

Day 1: Fairy tale Day Dress up as your favorite fairy tale character.

Day 2:Flock Day- Dress up like all your friends! (An example would be dress like a group of crayons.)

Day 3: Jersey Day- Wear your favorite sports jersey, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, dress up like you live on the Jersey Shore.

Day 4: Decades Day-Dress up like your assigned decade. Freshmen(’20s), Sophomores(’50s), Juniors(’70s), and Seniors(’80s)

Day 5: Class Color Day – Dress up in your assigned color: Freshmen(white), Sophomores(orange), Juniors(blue), and Seniors(black or togas)