Lighting up Largo Central Park


Malia Crew

Largo Central Park Christmas lights 2022

Malia Crew, Guest Writer

The annual winter lights have decorated Largo Central Park once again for the month of December. The lights are set up all over the park, including wrapped around the trees and on street posts. A student at Osceola, Maisie, said, “I went to see the lights, and there were so many people”. The eye-catching lights attract tourists and locals alike every year.

Other events at Largo Central such as the Polar Express event and tree lighting event always leave the park packed with people. The Events Coordinator of Largo, Kara Piehl, said she wants to give a big “thank you for all the staff and parks department for making these events happen”. Kara works for the City of Largo and puts on the Polar Express event and tree lighting event so kids can see Santa, have a chance to ride the train, and see the big tree light up. These events bring out the Christmas spirit of Largo residents coming to the park. Journalism teacher Mrs. DeAtley said, “I have been going to the Largo Central lights for so many years, and I think it’s the best thing around.” The lights are a well-known event put on by the City of Largo and there’s something for everyone with an array of lights and activities such as riding the Ferris wheel or playing in the playground. Another Osceola student, David, said, “I enjoyed walking around witnessing the abundance of lights and unique features of the park”. Largo Central Park is a city-wide attraction that draws people in with the coloration of the lights and special events that are known and liked by the public.  A variation of Christmas characters and décor on the trees give the park a sense of uplifting joy to those who come and witness it. Although it is normally crowded on weekends, Mrs. DeAtley said, “It’s better to go on weeknights when there are fewwer people!”