Second semester stresses some students, helps others


Izzy Ferguson

Some students say chilly walks to the portables are their new normal.

Izzy Ferguson and Jordan Siler

With the start of semester two arriving on January 9th, dozens of students had their schedules rearranged with the switching of first to second semester classes, and other scheduled accommodations. Students are being both positively and negatively affected by these changes. One 9th grade student, Kennedy Clark says, “It’s hard to get used to a new schedule.”, another student, Callie Ngo says “I have to walk farther than I did in the first semester”. Freshmen are going through this biannual change for the first time, one 9th grader says, “My schedule has already been changed earlier this year, and from switching to new teachers, and from honors to AP, I’m so nervous and stressed, and it’s really cold going out to the portables in the mornings.”. New classes can be fun for some, but some students don’t want to be in the class they ended up in. “They put me in AP, but I’m trying to switch to team sports, I don’t need this stress!” Says Mr. Frump’s soon to be former AP government student. On the contrary, this change is positively affecting other students “I feel very relieved because I like this elective more than my other elective, and it gave me an option to open my variety of classes.” says Katherine, a 9th grader. A student that was in volleyball first semester says, “I’m glad I don’t have to dress out first period anymore. I got dressed just to come to class and change two times.” Another student, Addison from the class says, “Having volleyball first made it hard to participate fully so early in the morning, and when you did you got sweaty and icky and that lasted the whole day.” Freshmen have never met most teachers here, so switching to a new class mid-year can be daunting, a few of them say,

“I was nervous to meet my new teacher and the other students in the class

“I was upset that I had to and I was scared to switch to a new class with a new teacher, I really liked my old teacher, Mr. Clay but my new teacher, Mr. Frump is nice, I just wish he was inside the main building instead of a portable”. With the switch to second semester, new students are also arriving at Osceola as well as some leaving. A new sophomore coming from a nearby school says, “There was a fight almost every hour at my old school, this is a much better school than my old one.”. Another sophomore says, “My best friend got I.A.C and he got kicked out; I’m going to miss having him around.”