Warriors dancing their way into Chaplin


Izzy Ferguson

Auditionee preparing.

Izzy Ferguson, Guest Writer

From January 6th to the 20th, Warriors interested in joining the school’s spring musical Chaplin submitted their technical theatre applications, tech head applications, and their audition forms in anticipation of the show. The tech application consisted of a personal vision for the show, the tech head application was similar, but with the qualifications they had to be a leader, and the audition application consisted of past dance experience. Those auditioning prepared an approximately one-minute dramatic monologue and a 32 bar-cut of a song that showed off their vocal abilities from some of the following musicals: Anything Goes, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Young Frankenstein, Hairspray, She Loves Me, Anastasia, and Legally Blonde. Between the audition days of January 23rd and 24th, over thirty people auditioned. “I don’t expect to get a call back. I just really want to be a part of the show since I wasn’t in “Our Town”, says one auditioning freshman.” Another auditioning senior says, “I have like three songs and three monologues prepared, and I think I’m just going to go with whatever I picked this morning.” Friday afternoon, Warriors anxiously waited by the theater to see the cast list. “I just need to know if I’m in the show!” says one thespian. Mr. Pace hangs up the list and they swarm into see.

Chaplin takes the stage in April.