Beyoncé is still running the world


Gabrielle Kasson

The stage lights up purple as the crowd sings 'Purple Rain' along with Beyonce to honor Prince.

By Justine Zitman, Writer


Bey Hives, fans of Beyoncé, were extremely thrilled with the performance of their idol. This past weekend, Beyoncé came to Tampa Bay, and left a remarkable performance on stage. At the Beyoncé concert, tickets were sold out.  She featured her new Formation world tour at Raymond James stadium, and the outrageous stage displayed flames, fireworks, acrobats, and water dancer, and of course Beyoncé’s talent. Raymond James Stadium gates opened at 5:30, and the fans swarmed in. “

I love Beyoncé because she’s a strong figure and she stands up for what she believes in, which is a major characteristic that I admire about her,” said 12th grader Tiffany Neil.

“My favorite thing about the concert was Beyoncé’s dance moves. She also had a scene where the entire stage filled with water and she started dancing with the water, which was a really cool effect,” said Tiffany.

Gabby Kasson, 12th grader, said she the reason she got into Beyoncé “was because of the music! I also admire all the female empowerment she shows. I like her because she is a very strong individual, and doesn’t need anyone to show it. I mean who doesn’t like the song ‘Crazy in Love’? That song is awesome! If I were to waste money on music for anyone, it would definitely be Beyoncé!”

Gabby said her favorite experience at the concert “was the entire thing! It was a great performance. Say what you want about her, but she puts on a good show. I liked her opening act ‘Formation’ because the dance routine was a killer! It gave me chills to finally see her live.”