2016 Alt Press Tour rocks St. Pete

Lauren Callahan, Writer


Downtown St. Pete is the heart of all anyone could want in a city, especially regarding the local music scene. Next to Daddy Kool Records lies the Local 662, across the street from State Theatre. The Local is known for being a venue for the “rougher” end of the music spectrum, from Avenged Sevenfold to Dave Matthews Band to Beartooth. Alternative Press magazine’s Hell in the Hallways Tour stopped at the Local on October 7th, with Ice Nine Kills headlining with Secrets, Cover Your Tracks, Out Came the Wolves, and Sylar. Most of these bands are in the post-hardcore, metal-core, and rock genre, mixing new-age tech effects with classic riffs and bass.

After stepping through the venue doors, the stage is lit up with lights and smoke, with top hits from the ’80s playing through the PA system. Posters from past concerts and events line the walls, plastered and pinned up with only parts of the black-painted cinderblock walls visible. The lights dim and the house band, Up From Here, takes the stage, with a four song set of pop-punk goodness mixed with some post-hardcore influences. The night goes on, each band taking the stage and playing with all they have. Outside from the venue, it seems like a riot is breaking out, with yelling and screaming coming from inside. To those inside, it seems like heaven.

The headliner is up next, drawing chants from the crowd. “Ice Nine Kills! Ice Nine Kills!” they all say, trying to summon the long-awaited quartet. The music begins, the sound of a bell tower ringing in the distance fills the Local, and the chanting grows louder. The headliner takes the stage, playing seven songs, then going on for four encores. The stage is electric, the singer, Spencer Charnas, screaming into the mic. The night ends with the song the tour is named after, Hell in the Hallways, chronicling the story of the 1976 movie, Carrie, and the book by Stephen King. As people flood out of the venue, the five other bands stand at their merchandise tables, promoting their latest record and taking pictures with fans. The night closes with farewell hugs and last-minute autographs, ending the perpetuating feel of the music and sending all patrons home with memories that will definitely last.