New genetic engineering turns people into Kangacats


Justine Zitman

The transformation begins here with the Mewgaroo hoodie.

Allison Richards, Staff Writer


Happy National Companion Animal Day!!

Have you ever looked at your animal companion (probably a cat) and thought “I would love to be you”? Well, now you can! With the Mewgaroo Hoodie from Unihabitat in Japan, you can now literally morph into a half breed of a cat and kangaroo.

Why half kangaroo?

First of all, why not? And second because then you have a little pouch to that hold furry fuzzball of a cat.  Unless your cat is a diabolical independent pet that comes to you only for food and when it wants attention.

“I can’t wait to hold my kitty Joey around literally like a Joey these guys are like my heroes”, said obsessed cat owner Nat Bobtail.

The producers have genetically modified the material of the sweater to not only conform your DNA into a Mewgaroo kangacat like some science experiment gone wrong to just hold your cat in a pouch which you could do anyway with your HANDS, but it is also really soft and cozy. 

“Let’s make the world half mutant animals, here I come X-Men! Not so special now are you Wolverine?!?!” screamed Mat Sphynx, a guy with no cats whatsoever….

Have fun on your National Companion Animal Day!

The satire is based on the following information: