He said, She said: Virtual learning


Gabriel May (Left) and Sierra McKinney (Right) stand side by side.

Gabriel May and Sierra McKinney


Online Schooling is not the future

By Gabriel May

In my opinion, traditional school is a better way to learn and receive an education.  Even though virtual schooling has become a more frequent option in schools, it’s not the best way to get an education.  Traditional school is better because when you’re actually in a classroom you’re more engaged in your learning than you would be at home on a computer. 

If kids were at their house doing virtual school they would be less motivated to do their work.  They could cheat by looking up answers on their phone or computer.  Students need an actual person teaching them a subject instead of a computer with subtitles speaking to you. 

I personally took a virtual class and I felt like I didn’t learn anything.  I took an algebra 2 class online last year and struggled very much because it just didn’t feel the same as would if I was in a classroom.  Last year I had reading and my teacher was Mrs. Devine, and I benefited from the one on one teaching between us. 

When you’re in the classroom you’re more social because you’re interacting with other students.  If more kids took virtual school they would have less social skills which kids need to attain as they grow up.  The traditional way of school will always be the most efficient way to get an education.


Traditional school is becoming outdated By: Sierra Mckinney

In my opinion, online school  is better than traditional school. Over the past few years, tech has been quickly making its way into the everyday life of a teen. A lot of teachers have started to move their textbooks online. Math, social studies, and science classes in Osceola have gone online to allow students to not be required to carry around unnecessarily heavy books.

Although some students like the face to face experience that they receive in school, they might not know what actually goes on online. Teachers online are there to help you just as much as your traditional math teacher is, but they just cannot speak to you in person. Online school also gives students more time to finish work. Most of the time teens enrolled online will get about a week deadline to finish work for a class. Students can also start and end their school day whenever they need, so they are able to get enough sleep.

When I took health online, I felt that the fact I could work at my own pace allowed me to relax and understand the subject more than I would have if I had taken the class in school. Throughout the summer the teacher would check up on the class and remind us of some assignments.

The downside I see in online school is that some teens, if they are not motivated, could look up information online to get an easy A. Students that are in an online school system should apply themselves a bit more than they would in traditional school, because there is a bit more responsibility. As long as the teen knows that in online school there is not someone reminding them all the time to do their work, it is a great alternative to traditional school.