Florida Football: A Downfall


Florida State fan Natali Rocheleau supports the Noles no matter what.

Ethan Tuttle, Sports Writer

            As college football reaches yet another mid season, one of the worst years in the sport’s history is being witnessed in Florida, a state historic for its college football success. Fans all over the school are frustrated with how the teams have been performing as of late.

           The Florida State Seminoles stand at a treacherous 4-5. A sophomore said that he’s “disgusted” with how Florida State has been playing. The Seminoles came into this year with high hopes, but they were quickly dashed following a 24-3 loss at home to start the season. A similar start went for the Miami Hurricanes. Coming in ranked as the number 8 team in the nation, they were expected to win every game on their schedule and fight for a spot in the College Football Playoff. One Miami fan said, “It’s embarrassing. We lose to teams that have no talent whatsoever. It’s like nobody cares”. This lack of “effort” really seems to upset college football fans of every school, especially Hurricanes fans. Coming in with high goals for the New Year, this failure has come unexpected, but not surprised with a lot of fans. Nick Polanco said, “Our quarterback situation is rough, and has been for quite some time”. The same can be said for the Florida Gators. The Gators started the year as one of the surprise teams of the country, beating top ranked teams left and right. Coming off of two straight losses however, doesn’t set to well with their fans. “It’s terrible” said fan Rhett Godcharles. “I really thought that we were going to do something this year”. Florida’s lack of success can be attributed to poor quarterback play, just like the Miami Hurricanes.

            Many students and staff at Osceola root for one of the 3 teams mentioned above, so with those teams struggling, it sure leaves fans uneasy. With success in years prior in college football, failure may be something that all fans in Florida may have to get used to as the bright side of the tunnel doesn’t appear to be getting any closer.