Perspective on high school: Freshman vs. Senior


Freshman Viktoria Ivanova looks happy about high school.

Lauryn Watts, Web editor/Writer

A “fresh” perspective

By Lauryn Watts

                School has been in for a while now and everyone should be pretty settled in. Freshman aren’t quite as lost as they were the first couple of weeks and they are now able to form some opinions on how high school has been for them this year. Perspectives on high school vary among the freshman class, and students are saying things seem to be going well. Viktoria Ivanova said, “It’s a lot different than middle school; it’s intimidating.” How has it prepared her for college and her future? “I’ve learned a lot about time management”, she stated. She plans on going to college when she graduates from high school, so it is important that high school properly prepares her for what’s to come. 


One senior speaks out

By Sierra McKinney

Hannah Reed:

Are you planning to go to college? Why?

  • “Yes, I would like to keep going to school.”

How do you feel about going off to college?

  • “I would like to go out of state for school, but it is expensive so I’ll probably stay in-state.”

Do you feel that high school has readied you for becoming an adult?

  • “I think so. In AP and online classes you need to manage your time. Time management is important [for being an adult].”