Carl Azuz poem


In journalism most mornings, students watch CNN 10 and take notes on the stories.

Megan Heller Sierra Mckinney, Writers

Acrostic CARL AZUZ

By: Sierra, and Megan

Caring man

Always making fantastic puns

Running his mouth about the news

Leaving nothing out


Amazing news reporter

Zesty in his ways

Unless he is talking about a serious story

Zealous with informing his viewers!


Intelligent about the news

Sympathetic and lovely


Talks nonstop about news

Helpful to his loving students

Even when stories are sad



Even if he is not feeling his best

Students love him the most

Today and forever


Maybe he will lose his mojo at some point

And he will be loved just a little bit less, but he will

Never be forgotten because he is the CARL AZUZ