Kobe Bryant’s death influences Warriors


Cael Rusnell takes a shot.

Jeremiah Morris and Ryan Lueck


            Kobe is one of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball. During his time, the game evolved around him, teams changed the way they played just to try to guard him, but it was still a tough time. Kobe was a hard worker and a great person outside the game of basketball. He motivated young players and influenced them with his great work ethic.

            Cael Rusnell, 11th grade, said, “Kobe was a great player and he was a great player who changed the game in very many ways. I’ve always looked up to him, and I try to work hard to be just as good as him someday.” Kobe was a legend known around the world and many people buy his basketball shoes just because he was that good.

           Derek Smith, 12th grade, said, “I loved Kobe as a person and I’ve always worn his shoes on the court. It was sad to see him, and his daughter go so early in such a tragic event.” Gianna was Kobe’s daughter following her father’s legacy in the game of basketball trying to carry on the family name. She was a terrific athlete as well as a student only thirteen years old with an offer to go to the University of Connecticut. Kobe and Gianna impacted many lives worldwide and are going to be remembered as a big part in basketball history.