Staying in shape during “quarantine”

Payton Pope, writer

While the Coonavirus is slowly spreading throughout the world. government officials have recommended people participate in social distancing. Social distancing involves keeping a distance of six feet or two meters from others and avoiding gathering together in large groups.” (

The government hopes that with everyone taking part, it will slowly stop the spread of the virus and we can eventually return to normal life if everyone does their part and stays home.

With school now being online and all activities shut down, may people be starting to get very bored around this time. Staying in shape during quarantine is not an obligation, but many people have taken it upon themselves to take this time to get in shape and feel refreshed. 

As an athlete myself, I need to get up every day and workout or do something productive to start my day off right. Although you cannot go very far, a walk around your neighborhood can make you feel ten times better and get your day started off right. The smallest things a day go a long way, and since we have time, why not?