Online school has its advantages


Gabby Davis, Staff Writer

With the choice of either staying home or going back to school, I chose the at-home route. I have found it can be very distracting with my TV right in front of me and my phone always in my hand.  In addition to distractions, getting up in the morning is a hard promise to make. Getting in contact with my teachers to make assignments run smoothly is tough with the new Canvas platform. Figuring out how to use the platform and dealing with technical issues, while trying to keep on track is incredibly difficult.  With that being said, at-home learning is much safer and much more relaxed than face-to-face than other kids may realize. Working at a self-directed pace in the comfort of my own bed is pretty ideal for me. Most of the kids that I talk to throughout the day who are at school complain about being there, and it’s a relief to me that I’m not in their shoes. I don’t have to get up earlier in the mornings to get ready; I just roll over and turn my computer on.