Learning less

Tyler Wulterkens, Staff Writer


Do you think simultaneous teaching is an effective learning method?


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     A big issue I feel that is going on at school is the lack of learning this year due to school being “all online”. Personally, I chose in-school learning because I felt that online schooling wouldn’t be beneficial and engaging and in-school learning would be. Now that school has begun, and the first grading period is ending, I feel like I haven’t learned much at all, even though I am in the classroom. I feel that some teachers think they don’t have to teach because they give us online tools that they think work for students. With some students online and others in school, several teachers seem to be taking it easy and feeling they don’t have to teach as normal.

     To be clear, I want to say I have many teachers teaching well, and I do feel they care, but students should feel that every one of their teachers cares about their success, and I feel a lack of that going on this year. It is unacceptable for a student to lose the motivation of going to school because they feel nobody cares. According to the poll shown next to this story, 70% of students feel that this year they’re not learning as much as they normally would. That number shows how students feel this year is going for learning.

     The big issue now is what can be done about the problem. I feel that teachers should be going above and beyond this year to make sure everyone is engaged with the learning. Get engaged with the students, and make us feel like we are here for a reason. I think in-school students should be doing in-school work instead of online, which would be a big help for students. We just want to feel like we are learning and want a solution for things to go back to normal for every class we have.

     Teachers, please don’t give up on us this year.  With traumatic events going on, we need your support more than ever for our success.