“My life is an open book”


Alyssa Delima, Guest Writer

I don’t know if I should go in or not.  I thought the library has been closed, especially because of COVID, but I really need this book for my Creative Writing class. I walk in.

I’m greeted by a very nice librarian”

, Mrs. Groshans, who tells me to log my name and the time.

I start my adventure in the library, and everything is so new to me. It’s only been a month since I’ve started high school.  I look around and am already lost, so I go back to Mrs. Groshans to ask her where I could find this book. She’s very easy to talk to and knows exactly how to help me. We make small talk while she helps me find the perfect book.

She’s been working in the media center for three years, but has been a librarian for seven years. I guess she really likes her job. Becoming a librarian was her goal, and she started by working in government documents at a university library when she was in college.  and later achieved her master’s in library science. Mrs. Groshans says she loves to work with students and to her the purpose of the library is to inspire and teach kids to read more and provide them with purpose and life skills in reading.  She thinks that the media center is the perfect place for that because it’s a place with resources and relaxation, almost like a safe space. She’s had students that have changed her, working with trauma kids and making special connections with them as well. However, since COVID started there hasn’t been as much action in the library this school year besides testing which is her least favorite part about working there. It also doesn’t hurt to stay off a computer for a little and read a book and students can think about how they see themselves through the story, learning a lot of empathy, connecting to the characters and learning from the book. She keeps everything safe and sanitary too, quarantining books after their used, while older, outdated, or broken books get recycled. To help with my project, she gave me advice that I know I’ll never forget.

She said, “You must find your story, which is what you would prefer and love to read. Schools tend to force students to finish books they don’t enjoy and that’s why most people don’t like reading like they did  when they were in elementary school. There are about 12,000 books currently in the library, but the most popular ones include the promoted books and fantasy series. As a freshman, I feel very comfortable with making a choice on what I would like to read for my class. She gives me time to look around, so I use her advice and find what I think is the right book for me. I meet her at the checkout desk, and everything goes smoothly, I feel very welcomed and now that I know the media center is open.  I’m definitely going to be back soon.