Counting Covid is confusing


The website put 3 different names for Osceola Covid cases

Gabby Davis, staff writer

     Since the publication of “Counting Covid is Confusing”, the school board has fixed the site errors. The site now lists the school once as Osceola Fundamental High School with 15 confirmed cases.


  Because students and families want to keep an eye on the Covid-19 cases in their school, the Pinellas County School Board has been keeping track on their website, (Covid Case Information) However, for quite a few days now, the numbers are all over the place.

        On the 13th of November, I called the board and talked to health services because they had Osceola listed twice. After they had reassured me they would change it, they ended up adding our school a third time. Osceola High is listed as Osceola Fund High and Osceola Fundamental High School instead of listed just once.  This IS the case for other schools as well.

       The total number of cases is now 14 for OFHS this school year. 


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