Online or face-to-face? Which will be more beneficial?


Daniel Tepetate-Martinez, Guest Writer


      As you all know, Covid-19 has been affecting the way kids learn in school. You get two options, you either can choose online learning or you can learn face-to-face. Most kids would think that online learning would mean an easy A in school, but online can be far from easy

“but online can be far from easy

— Daniel Tepetate-Martinez

. Kids who decide to learn online can sometimes find it difficult to focus in class. Sometimes the teacher is unable to explain things sufficiently, causing the student to be confused and end up struggling in class. It is hard for teachers to be able to teach online as well. They have to focus on both face-to-face students and on online students and sometimes it can be frustrating. When teachers are absent, online kids aren’t able to join the teams meeting, so they will have to try and teach themselves what to do.

     Although kids online do have some advantages, they are able to use their resources when students face-to-face can’t. Even though that is cheating, online students do find it more helpful and beneficial when they struggle in their classes. But sometimes online students can’t hear face-to-face students when they are presenting or answering questions, leaving the online kids to be clueless and ask multiple questions. Some kids are too shy to speak into their mic to ask questions, so when they try to ask questions in the chat box, the teacher sometimes doesn’t notice until the end of class when it’s too late. Online students can get distracted during classes as well. Sometimes they get so stressed that they would go on their phones to try and relax a bit, but in the end, they would miss important things that they needed to learn, but since face-to-face students don’t get that option to ignore class, they are able to be more focused and learn the things they need. When you are online, it feels like the homework and class work just pile up, causing the students to be even more stressed out. But face-to-face kids sometimes get the option to do their homework in class, and they are able to ask their peers for help. Also, when online kids need to use the restroom or want a snack to eat, they end up being late to their class just by a few minutes, marking them tardy.

      In the end, it may be annoying to wake up early for school, but learning face-to-face will bring up your grades more, and you will be able to see your friends again. And even though online learning has its benefits, it is not helpful in the long run.