Spring break gives students a breath of fresh air


Mariza Bicaku, Guest Writer


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Spring break is the best time of the year. The weather gets warmer, and it is fun to go out, especially to the beach. Tons of students get one week off from school and have the time of their lives. Spring break acts like an opportunity to intellectually de-pressurize, it is extraordinary for wellbeing, and it is the ideal chance to get out and travel. “I’m totally excited for spring break because it’ll be time for the beach, and I get to sleep in more and not have to worry about school. I seriously can’t wait,” said Keira, 9th grade. Spring is a way of nature saying, “let us party”. Spring is when life’s alive and makes everything calm. “It gives me the time to heal myself from all of the stress from school. I’ll even spend time with my family and hang out with my friends,” said Hadia, 9th grade.  Schools become a source of stress and anxiety to tons of students and even some staff members too. So spring will give a lot of people a chance to renew. “I want to start a new hobby and maybe start to read a book during the break. I want to have the time to heal and love myself,” said Kevin, 12th grade. Others want to get away. “I like to go to the beach and go on vacations. I might get to New York for a break, but I don’t know how it’s going to happen due to Covid,” said one senior. Vacations could be stressful, but can also be relaxing.