Little Libraries offer easy access to reading


Atticus Ulrich

Little Libraries located at Eisenhower Elementary (left) and Pierce Middle (right).

Atticus Ulrich , Guest Writer


Despite having access to the internet, people can be seen utilizing Little Libraries all over the Tampa Bay Area. Little Libraries have allowed students to have access to books while not attending school over the summer, or to bring home for other siblings to read. Even at the end of the pandemic, these libraries continued to allow students to have access to books over the summer and while not in school. This solves an issue that is especially true in low-income areas where some families are unable to drive to a public library. Students having access to these libraries has allowed them to further their literacy ability and reading level.

An inside look at the impact of these libraries can be seen at Eisenhower Elementary and Pierce Middle School. The principal at Eisenhower Elementary School said in an email that the little library was “being used by our R-Club scholars”. Students in programs like R-Club, which are offered over the summer and after school are now able to take home books completely free. The principal at Pierce Middle School said that he hoped “the students and community take advantage of it”. The little libraries are able to fill in the gap of students having access to free books year-round. One of the 3rd-grade teachers at Eisenhower Elementary School, Mrs. Ulrich, said: “I’ve had multiple students show me the new books that they get from the little library every afternoon”.

“I’ve had multiple students show me the new books that they get from the little library every afternoon

Another 3rd-grade teacher at the school, Mrs. Masi, said, “The library was a great addition to the school and looks great”. Teachers aren’t the only ones at the school who have noticed the impact the little libraries have on the students. The media specialist and librarian at Eisenhower Elementary School, Ms. Dane, said “I began to place assignments for the students to complete based on the books they were reading.” She also said she’s had to refill the library multiple times within the first few months of the school year. The impact that little libraries can have on a community or school can be seen all over the Tampa Bay Area as more and more of them can be seen popping up all over. The little libraries can often be seen decorated to match surrounding buildings or school colors which can draw in more potential readers.