Warriors wrap up another year


Summer assignments are up on the school website. Photographer: Izzy Ferguson

Izzy Ferguson, Carlos Ocampo, Guest Writers

As the final bell rings on the last day of school, students race to clear out their lockers, say goodbye to friends, and prepare for the long-awaited summer break. However, many students have one final thing to accomplish before they can really enjoy their summer vacation break – returning their textbooks. Returning textbooks can be an ordeal for some, requiring them to gather a stack of heavy books and drag them back to the school’s book repository. But for others, the act of returning textbooks can be a bittersweet ritual, one that signals the end of another academic year and the start of a new chapter in their lives.

In addition, students are also getting ready to say goodbye to their teachers. While there are many ways to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication that teachers put into their jobs, one tradition that has endured for generations is the thank-you note. Students reflect on beautiful moments with their teachers throughout the year and write them a thank you note for the significant impact they have made on them.

Just because summer started, that does not mean that assignments are gone. There are summer assignments that students need to complete before the new school year starts. All summer assignments are on the school website in the academic section, and there is also a link in “breaking news”. The school advises students to “Check back often for updates” because there might be more assignments for other courses.

Lastly, Warriors need to remember to clean out lockers and keep locks for next year.