Students prepare for girls soccer tryouts


Justine Zitman

Last year’s varsity team takes the field.

Briana Queen, Writer

Osceola girls’ soccer tryouts are going to be taking place Monday, October 10th after school on the band practice field at 2:00 and last about an hour and a half. Both varsity and junior varsity tryouts take place together and last from three days to a week.  According to both coaches, “tryouts last as long as it takes” to find the best team.

In order to try out for soccer, or any school team, students are required to have the following: a completed athletic packet filled out, a certificate that shows they have watched the concussion video, and student insurance. The athletic packets can be picked up in the office, and the concussion video can be found here. The student insurance can be purchased here. The required paperwork for soccer is due no later than a week before tryouts. Varsity coach Steve Kuplicki recommends that “students should not come to try outs wearing a specific team jersey to avoid biased opinions; we want everyone to have a fair chance of making the team”. Kuplicki also stated that “students should come to try outs prepared to run a lot and do their best”. The junior varsity coach Richard Pile asks that “students don’t wear their cleats in the school; put them on outside because the cleats ruin the floors”. Students are not required to bring their own soccer ball, but they are allowed to. There will be water available but it is encouraged that anyone trying out has their own drink and stays hydrated throughout the day. Coach Pile reassures that “even if you don’t make varsity there is still the possibility of JV”. With that note, Kuplicki added that “if you really want to be on the varsity team, but don’t make it, I may make a practice squad that you can attend. If anyone on varsity gets injured and can’t play, you may be pulled up to varsity temporarily”. The coaches are looking forward to the new season and “hope to go undefeated”.