Hey, sports fans! Seasonal passes could save you money


Justine Zitman

These are two types of sport passes that are available for Osceola students.

Allison Richards, Writer

The fall sports are starting to come to an end.  The cross country boy and girl teams are moving on to regionals, junior varsity football recently ended their season, swimming teams went to districts on Friday October 21st, and volleyball is coming to an end.  That means that the winter sports are just around the corner!  The basketball teams have already had tryouts as well as boy and girl soccer teams.  For each one of these games, parents and other audience members must purchase a ticket.  Osceola is offering “a good deal” said book keeper Ms. Smith.  The public has the opportunity to buy season passes for sports.  This is a chance for families or individuals that go to Osceola sports games (home or away) multiple times during the school year to “save quite a bit of money” said Ms. Smith.  These season passes are good for the viewing of any regular season which involves a Pinellas County school, whether the game be home or away from the school’s campus.  There are a few exceptions for the passes, including spring football games, tournaments/ invitational, preseason events, and state series events such as District, Regional, and State games.  Three different types of passes are offered which are: student, adult, and family.  Also, family passes can only include immediate family members of students.  But student passes are $50, adult $60, and family is $150.  Ms. Smith said that sports fans “could take more advantage of it”, so if you do attend multiple games a year or participate in sports, there is more information on Osceola’s official website.   If you are interested in purchasing a pass you would need to contact book keeping.