Osceola Football team loses players


Justine Zitman

Nate Diakos shows off his school spirit during Homecoming week.

Joe Ligrani, Writer

After the loss at Largo two weeks ago, some Osceola players decided to turn in their jerseys and quit playing football for the OHS team. This is not the beginning of players leaving the team however. Two other players also dropped the sport earlier in the season. With the team now out of 4 players, coaching staff is currently filling in their spots with other players who are planning to stay throughout their high school career.

“Football is a lot of commitment, and as a senior I really wanted to just have fun and enjoy my last year in high school,” said senior Tre Mirenda. Tre decided to stop his football career after last year’s spring season. “It is definitely something that took some thought, but I am happy with my decision”. Aside from wanting to take senior year off, other players simply did not enjoy it anymore. “Practicing 3 hours a day 4-5 days a week for a minimal amount of playing time just was not worth it for me,” said Nate Diakos. “It is not that I did not enjoy playing, I just personally did not feel the drive like I used to have”. Nate played Linebacker for OHS the past 3 years and his spot will be covered by Jaden Celeste.

“The team will continue regardless of the players we lost,” said Coach Engelhardt.

Osceola played against Boca Ciega High school for their Homecoming game last week. The warriors lost 46-13. This week they play against Clearwater at home Friday for senior night. The game begins at 7:30 pm.