Math teacher goes to the World Series


Justine Zitman

Mr. Zeisenhiem, bottom right, attended a World Series game with his father.

Joe Ligrani , Writer

As many sports fans know, the World Series took place during late October in Ohio. This year’s match-up was between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. When the Indians got a complete shutout of 6-0 during game one and then the Cubs won 5-1 on game 2, fans were on the edge of their seats. “The World Series was very dramatic this year and it’s hard to tell exactly who was on top at the beginning,” said junior Kyle Renner. One Osceola teacher got the opportunity of a lifetime. Statistics teacher Mr. Zeisenhiem went to game 2 with his father to catch his home team play in a World Series game.

“The Cleveland Indians had not played in a World Series game since I was 12 years old. I remember watching the last play of the series with my dad like it was yesterday,” said Mr. Z.  “So when my dad told me we had tickets to the Series this year, I had to take up the opportunity.” Mr. Zeisenhiem was born and raised in Ohio and has been in love with the state’s baseball team since he was a toddler. “We went to Game 2, which sadly was a hard loss for us, but all of Cleveland was still going crazy in the streets,” he said. Z’s father lives about an hour outside of Cleveland so they did not have time to stay to celebrate the series after the game. “I think if my dad lived a little closer to town, we definitely would have stayed to see what was going on after,” Z said. This year’s Series ended with the Chicago Cubs coming out on top. The final game count was 8-7.