Reactions to her actions


Justine Zitman

Lady Gaga propelled onto the stage during her half time performance, just not from the roof.

Allison Richards, Staff Writer

Super Bowl LI has come and gone, and looking past who won or lost, there was another big event people paid attention to – the halftime show.  Lady Gaga performed and busted out some of her well-known songs like: “Born This Way”, “Telephone”, “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, and “Bad Romance”.  Her intro was more patriotic, starting off with “God Bless America” transitioning into “This Land Is Your Land” and ending it with an excerpt from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Fox Sports shows that the Lady Gaga halftime show brought in 117. 5 million viewers during her fifteen minute time slot, making her performance “the second most-watched halftime show in Super Bowl history”.  The spot for first is still held by Katy Perry from her performance in 2015, which prompted 120.7 million viewers to tune in.

Senior chorus student Erin Dean said, “It wasn’t bad… nothing controversial… patriotic and just really fun.”  A fellow chorus student in 11th grade said, “Her vocals were really good, especially with all that moving”. 

Lady Gaga did more than dance, propelling from the roof in a stunt at the beginning of her act.

Turns out this was prerecorded, according to the Intel Drones general manager Natalie Cheung and Vice President of Business Anil Nanduri in a USA Today article.  They said there was an issue of not knowing about how the weather was going to be like and it wasn’t practical for Lady Gaga to propel all the way from the roof to the stage on time.  Still, Lady Gaga did propel onto the stage and then showed off her acrobatic moves with the cords. She also moved around without the ropes around the stage and went to multiple costume changes.  Dance team instructor Mrs. Powers thought her performance was “a little too much Beyoncé-ish, including the costume”.  Whether you liked it, you hated it, or you haven’t seen i,t Lady Gaga is taking the momentum from her show and has announced that she will be going on a world tour.