Warriors keep season alive


Jake Nicholas, Staff Writer

Last Monday night, the Warrior baseball team competed in a district semifinal against the Dixie Hollins Rebels. The game was a highly anticipated match up between both teams as Dixie was looking for vengeance after losing twice to the Warriors during the regular season. Captain Jeremy Adams knew the game was going to be close. “Both teams hate losing, so we expect for Dixie to play their best game this season.” Both teams knew that if they lost the game, their seasons would be over. “Our team believes we have a lot more games to play this year” said Adams, “But we will go one game at a time and hope for the best.”

The game started out hot with the Warriors scoring 3 runs in the 3rd inning. The runs came off of a Tyler Cottle home run which flew high over the fence. “I was just waiting for the fastball,” stated Cottle, “When it came out of his hand I knew I that it was going far.” The Home Run is Cottle’s fifth of the season.

The Osceola pitching staff was also on point throughout the game. The Rebels finished with only 3 hits the whole night, and were held to a scoreless night. Adams hasn’t seen his team play so well since the beginning of the season. “It was one of those games where the whole team was unstoppable” Adams explained, “Hopefully we can carry on playing for a couple more weeks.” To view the clubs latest rankings click here.