Jameis drops the ball


Culinary teacher Mr. Fitzpatrick is a big fan of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Billal Uddin, Sports Writer

Jameis Winston has been benched once again as the veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick – aka “Fitzmagic” – takes over. Senior Daniel Abdul plays cornerback/wide receiver for Osceola’s football team, and says the benching of Jameis Winston was “good, because it’s better for the team”. He thought he deserved it because “he is an interception god right now; I don’t see him coming back anytime soon”. Abdul doesn’t think that Jameis will make a comeback because “he just lost his touch”.

Football coach/math teacher Mr. Smalley felt that the Winston benching “is just business; you just have to go with the hot hand right now in Fitzpatrick”. He does think that Winston deserved the benching because “he is just not performing to the right standards”. He claimed that “only time will tell” if Jameis will make a comeback.

Junior Derek Smith said, “It feels great we got a better quarterback”. He felt that Winston “definitely” deserved the bench because “He throws more interceptions than touchdowns, it’s like he is playing for the other team.” He feels that Jameis will not make a comeback anytime soon. He said, “Next year maybe”.

Jameis came into the 2015 NFL draft with high hopes as the first overall pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winston is still in his rookie contract and now he is entering his 5th option worth up 20.9 million dollars.