The One, The Only


Freshman Dillon Secor is very active in sports.

MaKenna Lenges, Copy editor/ Writer

    Dillon Secor is a freshman this year, has made the varsity swim team, and is currently on Osceola’s wrestling team. He is a very busy person, but when he has free time, he chooses to either do homework, sleep, hang out with friends or practice wresting and swimming. Dillon has multiple sports that interest him, but the one that he enjoys most is wrestling.

    Dillon claimed, “My favorite sport is wrestling because it is a 1 on 1 and it is a constant physical sport.” He enjoys sports with physical contact and being able to throw other people without being penalized. He decided to get into wrestling due to his dad having quite a great influence and impact on him and getting him interested in it and teaching him more about it. His father inspires him the most he said because “He taught me almost everything I know and helps me with a lot of things.”

    Dillon hopes to take over his father’s job in the future and run it successfully and to do a great job. His father works as a CEO. As of right now, his greatest achievement has been receiving a black belt in Karate. He had been in Karate for 6 years at Superkicks. Dillon also has an older brother that attends the school as well and is a sophomore. Dillon and his brother often go fishing, boating, play lacrosse and even skim boarding when they want to hang out. Dillon’s friends see him as a funny kid.

    His friends wished to be anonymous, but they stated that “Dillon is a very funny person and is really fun to be around.”