Boys lacrosse team starts first season


Lacrosse is a brand-new sport at OFHS.

Jeremiah Morris, staff writer

There has been much talk about the new Osceola boys and girls lacrosse teams. This year will be the first season ever at OFHS.

There are many Warriors excited to play and to watch this new sport. Also, the players are looking forward to showing others their skills and the importance of the game. Riley Allan, 10th grade, said, “I’m excited for the upcoming season and now I can show my athleticism in a different sport.” The season starts in February.

Trevor Porter, 11th grade, said, “I have been conditioning and getting stronger before the season starts.” Cortland Mitchell, 10th grade, said, “We have a good coach and a good number of players, so it will be a fun season.”

The journey awaits for the boys lacrosse team.