Will the halftime show be worth the watch?


This picture, posted on NFL.com, depicts the two halftime powerhouse performers, the OTHER Super Bowl team.

Ryan Lueck and Jeremiah Morris


The halftime show of the Super Bowl can be one of the most exciting times of the whole event. But some feel differently about it. In the past Super Bowl halftime shows, there have been positive and negative comments and reviews.

Singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are the performers for the upcoming Super Bowl 54.

Tyler Leis, 11th grade, said, “I usually don’t watch the half time show, but I’m kind of excited for this year’s performance.” There has already been a lot of talk about if this year’s halftime show will be just as good as the past halftime shows.

Anthony Sangollo, 12th grade, said, “I’ve watched pretty much all of the past halftimes shows and they have been great, but I just think halftime shows have been getting worse and worse in the last few years.”

All everyone can do is wait and see if the halftime show was worth it.