Softball is off to a running start

Posters around the school give updates on upcoming softball events.

Posters around the school give updates on upcoming softball events.

Courtney Sipos and Payton Pope

Softball season has just started and that means welcoming back old players from last year and working new freshmen into the team.

For these new freshmen, there are many things they have learned so far this season.  Enslie Lloyd, 9th grade, said, “The experience I’ve had on the team has been better than I ever expected.”

For returning girls, it’s all about helping the freshmen fit into the team and make it feel like a family. Savanna Lanier, 10th grade, said, “My experience with the softball team has been amazing. The coaching is great, and the girls are encouraging. Overall, its been a great experience.” Hailey Copechal, 10th grade, said, “My experience has been great and a lot of fun.” Raine Lester, 12th grade, said, “These past two years have definitely been eye opening. With multiple games a week and practices all the time, I had to learn how to manage my time.”

With upperclassmen having more experience, they have some advice for incoming freshman trying out for the team next year. Hailey Copechal said, “Tips for freshmen are to be very social and try your hardest out there. All your teammates and coaches are looking for effort, so put all you got into the game.” Savanna Lanier said, “For any incoming freshman, just be yourself and try your best. Push yourself to your limits each and every day you’re on the field.” Enslie Lloyd said, “I would say as far as tips for incoming freshmen, just be positive and make sure to always give your hardest effort. Showing your dedication to the team is probably one of the best things you can do.” Raine Lester said,” Make sure you’re are always hustling on and off the field, giving your best effort, and make sure you’re positive each day.”