Bucs will wear fancy new threads


Jess Zsiga

This file picture shows a student wearing the old design.

Ryan Lueck, Staff writer

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers used to wear scarlet and an assortment of gold and silver lining on their uniforms. This year, they went all out and redesigned their whole uniform. One uniform is all pewter-colored throughout the jersey and pants, the second combination is a white jersey and pewter pants, and the third combination is a red jersey with pewter pants.

They will wear a newly-designed helmet, which is bronze with the original Bucs logo on both sides. The numbers are the same font as last year’s uniforms, but the jerseys and pants are like night and day to each other making it a new look for the Bucs.

The uniforms are almost a look-alike from the early 2000s when they took home the Super Bowl in 2003.

The Bucs look to turn it around from last year with a new look, and will try to bring their home crowd to the 2021 Super Bowl this next season.