Warriors win rivalry game


Photo credit: Miles Johnson

Tyler Wulterkens, Staff Writer

The Warriors football team won against rival Seminole High on October 1st. Students waited for this game throughout the whole season. The Warhawks were looking for some payback with the loss against OFHS last year. Each team prepared for this game all year long.  Warriors won 10-9.

Cameron Jennings said, “It’s the rivalry game; it’s the game you want to win every year.”  The fans at the football games can bring so much energy to the field.

Julia Griffith stated, “My favorite thing about the Seminole game is the huge rivalry and the atmosphere of the game; it’s the best game to watch”. The competitive nature of this game every year never disappoints the fans and is always something that the Warrior family looks forward to.

Every year, the players come out and play better than any other game.  This makes this game something fans would not want to miss. Austin Kidd, captain of the team, said he’s “looking forward to this game because it represents our school history and would be great to win three years in a row”. Warriors kill for this game and all try to attend to support them. A huge part of this game every year is the cheerleaders cheering the players on as well as getting the crowds roaring. Cheerleader Karissa L’eon “loves getting the crowd excited and likes the special ‘battle cheers,'” specifically against Seminole.  


Please join us in voting Cortland Michell for defensive player of the week. He was a big reason why we won the game this past week.