Warriors wrestle against COVID


India Nichols

Coltan McClain, senior, during a wrestling match in the 2021 wrestling season.

India Nichols, Guest Writer

        Hours of extreme practice, difficult diets, and intense matches are what these high school wrestlers face every day. Coltan McClain, junior, and Harrison Lathrop, senior, are both on the wrestling team. They say that they found an immediate love for it when they were freshmen and spent the next three years learning and training every day so they could continue to get better and better.

        When they were asked the question of what the worst thing about wrestling since COVID started, Coltan McClain responded with,

“There are no fans, and my family can’t come and watch me.””

— Coltan McClain

They are upset that people, especially their family, can’t come and watch them at a match. Standing on the cold mat with a beam of light shining down, all the practice, the preparation, and all the sacrifices made are put to the test when facing their opponent. Harrison Lathrop, said, “My favorite thing about wrestling is that it’s a one-on-one sport and you get to see your strength.” Although a wrestler is by him or herself on the mat, both wrestlers acknowledge that this is a team sport. The fear of letting down their teammates gives them the motivation and desire to win. They don’t want to lose because they put many hours into lots of practice for the benefit of their team.

        This sport requires dedication, desire, and all the heart to beat their opponent and maybe even go home with a medal or award. It’s about diet, how you take care of your body, and if you do all of this, then you will be good out on the mat when its time to wrestle. These athletes are constantly checking their weight, to make sure that their body is prepared to take down others. As their hand is raised, they have been declared the winner of the match and all the hard work they have done has finally paid off. Once a wrestler takes home a win, they get to relax knowing they tried their best.