Girls lacrosse starts fourth season


Sofia Torres, Guest Writer

The excitement of playing with your team, running back and forth on the field, and ending the night with a big win and celebration. This is what the girl’s lacrosse team can experience in a couple of weeks after tryouts during the week of January 24th. Conditioning has been going on since the start of November, so the team can be prepared for the week of tryouts. The 2020 season was slightly affected by Covid, so the girls’ team did not have an official coach during conditioning and had to work together in order to be ready for the start of the season. Sophomore Katie Torres said, “I spent most of my time practicing and staying after school for conditioning, but when the time came for tryouts, I didn’t think I was fully prepared.” Even though students have had experience with lacrosse or sports in general, they might not always think they are ready to play. On the other hand, other girls are excited to start playing whether it is their first year playing or not. Freshman Rebecca Wood said, “I’m excited to make new friends with my team and improve my lacrosse skills.” There are many things to look forward to, especially if it is their first year. There is only a varsity team, so getting a lot of practice can help them get there. Starting today, Coach DeRenzo will have a sheet on her door for girls who are ready to tryout next Monday the 24th. There will also be a form to fill out if they are also interested. As of right now there are about 20 girls going to conditioning, but there could be a lot more the week of tryouts. The season might not have as many restrictions as last year, but players will still want to stay safe and healthy. This year could be one of the first years back to normal for players, so they will work together and try their best. Rebecca also says, “I’m also looking forward to the games and hopefully having a good season.” According to Coach DeRenzo, the first game on the lacrosse schedule is set for February 15th at home against East Lake at 5pm. The last game is set for April 4th against Clearwater away at 5pm. Conditioning ends Friday the 14th since the players can’t practice two weeks before tryouts, so they should all be set for Monday the 24th.