Spring break brings rising temperatures

Picture of the lunch court.

Callie Ngo, Guest Writer

It’s become clear that the beaches becoming fuller, tan lines becoming more popular. The weather is getting warmer! After a couple months of chilly 30–50-degree weather, the 85-degree mark has been surpassed!

Weeks of thick sweaters, sweatpants, and the constant rubbing of hands, people are starting to get burnt, bringing out more swimming suits, and beach towels are coming out of the closet! This leads to the next point. After Groundhog Day, the results pointed towards a longer winter. It caused people to fear that they will have a chilly vacation until March 20th. But now, there’s no reason to fear. On the 27th of February, the weather reached 86-degrees! Meaning no more long-sleeves, or jackets. It’s swimsuit season! Long story short…Spring Break! People have been raving about what they are doing over break. They range from staying at home watching movies, to traveling across the country! Before people were unsure about what they were doing because of the chilly weather, now many are ecstatic for their break.