Warriors lost on “Lost and Found”

Christian Mathis, Writer

“Lost and Found” is located in student services with Mrs. Nolan. There are many unclaimed items from students there, including everything from lunchboxes, sweaters, hoodies and jackets, to an entire drawer made up of calculators and pairs of glasses.

Mrs. Nolan said, “Some items are added weekly while certain items such as water bottles and lunch boxes are added daily.” Mrs. Nolan also said, “Students have different lengths of time to claim different items.  They have until the end of a semester to claim clothing, and after that it gets donated to a clothing charity. Students have until the end of the school year to claim any small items such as glasses, which I donate to a charity that recycles them such as American Canyon.”

Yonathen Perez, 10th grade, said, “It is important to know where the lost and found is, because if not, then you could end up losing something important and ended up having it donated. Last year I lost a calculator and by the time I ended up locating student services it had already been donated.”
Cameron Atwell, 11th grade, lost his glasses, but he said he had no idea where to look. Cameron believed, like many, that lost and found was in the office. He had gone to the front office a few times but unfortunately he had not found anything.

This Warrior Record reporter helped Cameron locate student services and the lost and found. Sadly the glasses he was looking for were not there, but now Cameron can pass on what he has learned to other Warriors.