English class goes Gatsby


Drew Jackson

Students dressed up, ate food, and socialized to help understand the book The Great Gatsby. Mr. Sadler said it helped his students "dive deeper into Gatsby."

Christian Mathis, Writer

The Great Gatsby is a fictional novel set in the 1920s.  But for a day at OFHS, the book came alive in one English classroom.

According to the University of Wisconsin’s Young Auditorium website, the novel deals mostly “with the jazz age and explores concepts of resistance to change, social upheaval, and excess.” The book’s main character is a young millionaire named Jay Gatsby.
On Wednesday, March 16, Mr. Sadler’s English class put together a party set during the era in which the book took place. Each student in his class was given a character from the book to act out, and Then Sadler’s classroom was transformed and taken back through time to become a 1920s Gatsby party. Every Warrior was given blue pieces of paper with their character’s name on it that they could pass out to other people and then explain their character.
Mariana Pedrosa, 11th grade, said, “The purpose is that Mr. Sadler wants us to get really involved and to understand what the book is really about.’’ Another student who believes the idea is to understand the book more is Sydney Willis, 11th grade. She said, “The purpose is to reenact the 1920s and to get emerged deeper into the story.” What are students getting out of participating in the reenactment of the Great Gatsby? Mariana said, “This Gatsby thing, the book, and the party, have really been fun and great, it’s a great idea and I think every teacher should do it.’’